Managing Calls, Texts & Voicemail with Daylite

Siri was introduced by Apple a while back and I like most people thought it was cool, but could not figure and really beneficial uses, other than looking cool. As Siri has matured, so have the apps on iOS devices as well as MacOS. Just we I discussed the installation of CalDAV on iOS, we can do the same with CardDAV and make our address book and Siri a whole lot smarter. One of the biggest complaints I get is that there are too many contacts, contacts are going to different places, despite being deleted they still exist, etc., etc. Well while there are reasons for why that happens, we want to focus on the simple issue of Daylite, Siri and your Apple addressbook. 
Once the Daylite contacts profile has been installed from within the Daylite iOS app, it becomes available as another address book within Apple addressbook. Now for the fun part, we need to set the address book as the default address book. By doing this, your iPhone or iPad understand that any new contacts will be added to this specific address book and that this address book will be synchronizing directly with your Daylite account. What this means is that anytime you make a contact on your phone, it will end up in Daylite. You can then make additional edits and changes as per your needs. No longer do you have to jot down contact info scraps of paper and remember to enter them later, or make a contact and then manually copy it to Daylite. Another real benefit, I believe, comes when this feature is used with Siri. I often find myself unable to search for contacts, I simply speak to Siri and my contact is found. The best part is that I did not have to manually enter my business contacts that were in Daylite into my phone. Here is another tip for those who are bit more techie. Get yourself a biz card scan app on your iPhone, something like "ScanBizCards". What this will allow you to do is to scan business cards directly into your address book and by extension Daylite. You just saved your assistant from time consuming, mind numbing task of entering all your business cards from your last networking meeting!
This may sound complicated to some of you, but rest assured it really is quite simple.  As I always say, remember learning new things is not easy for anyone, so don’t give up after a couple of tries. Everyone does things in their unique way. Modify the process described here with your on take. Doing so will allow you to have altered your workflow in a meaningful manner, freeing up your mind and precious time to get more done with the limited time you have. You might even find that you don't have to work as many hours as you have been. Who knows, Daylite is your oyster!
If you want gets on hands on experience with this and learn a whole lot of ways in which Daylite can simplify your workflow, reach out for our consulting services or a training class.
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