A unique professional tool for managers, Merlin Project for Mac iOS is the standard in many industries, including architecture and construction, R&D, media, and training and development. That’s because Merlin Project is easy to learn and incredibly flexible. Create complex activity structures linking individual and group activities • Set the duration of individual activities • Define fixed milestones


A unified interface that was designed for easy access to all the functions in one window. Off course, one can always use as many windows as desired.


Bring structure to the chaos, introduce project management principals with Merlin Project.


Keep a finger on the pulse of your projects.


There are so many ways in which Merlin Project allows one to create, share, collaborate & manage projects with colleagues.


Merlin Project can collect all the data that you need to track and generate the analytical reports needed.

Beautiful Views

Work Breakdown Structure
Activities, Milestones, Dependencies & Gantt Charts never looked so appealing. The ability to view the WBS and/or the Gantt chart is so very useful.

The Netplan is a graphical way of looking at a project. There are many options, and you could even use it just for its' own merits. Included in this is mind mapping.

The Resources view allows for a simple way to enter all the details for all types of support resources, including costs, permissions & availability.

Assignment of resources is a critical function. Here we can visually see who, who & when of all the planned work.

Activities, Milestones, Dependencies & Gantt Charts never looked so appealing. The ability to view the WBS and/or the Gantt chart is so very useful.

Often there is data that is needed, but does not fit in any place. For this we have the attachments (Checklists, Events, Files, Information, Issues & Risks). These give you the flexibility to keep all your data together and at your finger tips.

Great Tools

The Icons
Icons on the upper right of the user interface is a flexible tool set, that can be customized to suit your needs. It gives you quick access to many of the frequently used tools within Merlin Project.

The Library
So often, we have repeat the same tasks over and over again. The Library is a place that allows us to park various type of objects that can be reused at anytime.

Critical Path
A central pillar of project management. With just a click, one can see what is most critical to your projects deadlines

No Gantt chart would be complete, if no dependencies between activities & milestones were established. It is as easy as 123, to create links in Merlin Project.

Interface Customization
A very modern user interface, that is well organized, and easy to work in. With the myriad of customization options, you can truly suit it to your needs.

Awesome Features

Often there is data that is needed, but does not fit in any place, Merlin Project has you covered. The attachments (Checklists, Events, Files, Information, Issues & Risks) allow for all sorts of data to be inserted into your plan for fast review & retrieval.

No work can be accomplished without resources. Merlin Project has the ability to accommodate all the fundamental types of resources and their related information.

Assigning resources is as easy as drag-n-drop. The WBS and Assignment views make it straight forward to review how the resources are assigned and actions that may be needed.

Scheduling activities, automatically or manually, is a snap. Merlin Project does most of the work for you, if you let it.

Knowing where your money is going is critical to a project's success. However, there is more than meets the eye.

Advanced Features

Mind Mapping
An organic way of creating and organizing projects, can now be performed entirely within Merlin. No need to fuss with other applications.

KanBan Boards
A concept that originated in Japan, it revolutionized the way we think of projects & activities. Merlin Project now delivers this to you as part of its Netplan view.

Activity Grouping
With activity grouping, it is even easier to access the data you frequently need. Time saving efficiencies are abundant in Merlin Project.

Style Editor
It is now even easier to give your plans & reports that personal flair. Make them look like anything you want, including your business identity.

Resources Pools
"Resource Pool", a much request and anticipated feature is finally here. We can finally plan and schedule resources across multiple projects, without having to individually calculate availability.


Data Exchange
An awesome features of Merlin Project is its' ability to exchange data. One of the most useful is the ability to work together with Microsoft Project. Data can be exported in formats such as calendar items, images, OPML, Text, Rich Text, & XML. These formats open the door information sharing with a whole host of applications.

Merlin Project iOS
This iOS version is a companion to the full Merlin Project desktop edition. It allows for file access & editing via iOS devices, when using Merlin Server. Merlin Project Go may be purchased directly from the App Store on your iOS device.

Merlin Server
Merlin Server is the extension of Merlin Project, and allows for seamless sharing, limited web access as well as iOS integration. The sync feature is exceptional and provides multi-user line locking, as well as super fast speed. The changes made are available in near real-time.

Merlin Project Express
This is basic version of Merlin Project. While you can create plans & Gantt charts, advanced features are not available.This may be purchased directly from the App Store on your Mac computer.